trakked automatically collects the log files of the connected Contao installations and displays the error messages clearly in the log viewer. You can access the log viewer via the menu item "Logs".

When you open the log viewer, all active and unarchived log entries are displayed first. The individual entries are listed on the left-hand side and the search and filter function is available on the right-hand side.

The log entries

Each log entry contains information about the number of incidents, the time of the first and last occurrence of the error, the name of the installation and the error message.

Identical error messages are only listed once in the list and are counted based on the number of incidents that have occurred.

If required, you can open the context menu of an installation with a secondary mouse click and access various actions and links. Click on the installation name to display detailed information about the installation in the right-hand area.

View log details

You can already see part of the error message in the overview. Click on the error text to display the log details in the right-hand area. The top section contains the most important information about the log entry and the bottom section contains the full error message. If necessary, you can display additional details in the context area.

Archive log entries

Log entries can be archived in various ways:

  1. click on the archive icon in the log details at the top right.
  2. move the mouse over an entry in the overview and click on the archive symbol at the end of the line.
  3. use the checkboxes to select any number of entries and click on the "Archive" action.
  4. use the keyboard shortcut "a".

If you have archived an entry, it will be set to the status "archived" and disappear from the list. If the error occurs again, the status is set to active again.

Ignore log entries

You can also ignore log entries if an error occurs regularly but you no longer want to see it in your active list.

There are various ways to ignore log entries:

  1. click on the ignore icon in the log details in the top right-hand corner.
  2. move the mouse over an entry in the overview and click on the ignore symbol at the end of the line
  3. select any number of entries using the checkboxes and click on the "Ignore" action
  4. use the keyboard shortcut "i".

Archived and ignored entries

To view the archived or ignored entries, click on the corresponding filter on the right-hand side.

If necessary, you can also restore entries. Simply select the desired entry and click on the icon for "Unarchive" or "Unignore".

All entries that are older than 30 days and do not reappear are automatically deleted by the system.


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