Everything you need to know about the trakked user interface is explained on this page.

Multiple selection

You know it from Contao, in the mode "edit multiple" several checkboxes can be selected or deselected at once. To do this, hold down the Shift key while clicking. In addition, you can select an installation on desktop as well as on mobile by clicking on it for a long time. By moving the mouse or swiping your finger, you can select additional installations.

Do you want to add the same label to several installations? No problem, just use the multiple selection. By clicking on the trakked logo in front of each installation, you can select several installations and perform various actions.

The following actions are currently available:

  • Move to organisation
  • Refresh system information
  • Prepare updates
  • Discard updates
  • Edit labels

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Context menu

The context menu is available for desktop users with a viewport of 1024 pixels or more. To activate it, position the pointer on a closed installation and use the right mouse button or the secondary click. Then select the desired action.

For a Contao installation with an active Manager connection, the following actions are available:

  • Prepare update
  • Add reminder
  • Refresh system information
  • Quicklinks

Depending on the status of the update, there are the following entries:

  • Prepare update
  • Show update history
  • Install update
  • Discard update
  • Mark as done

Cheat sheet

Where was that again? Admittedly, it is not always easy to remember all the icons, keyboard shortcuts and functions of trakked. That's why we have created an overview for you, which you can download as a PDF and print out.

Logo as traffic light system

To give you a quick overview of the status of your installations, we use the four bars of our trakked logo as a traffic light system. In case of warnings or errors, the affected labels (Contao version, PHP version, ...) are also colored accordingly.

In the following graphic you can see the meaning of the individual areas:

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available for navigating through the installations.

  • Esc = close/open installation
  • Arrow right = next installation
  • Arrow left = previous installation

In the detailed view of an installation, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the individual sections:

  • M = Monitoring
  • S = Security
  • U = Updates
  • C = Configuration
  • R = Reminders
  • L = Quicklinks