In this chapter, you will learn how to change your profile data, protect your access, activate and pause notifications.

Dark Mode

Based on the operating system settings, the trakked login page appears in the desired look. Of course, you can also override the automatically selected setting in the profile.

Change personal profile

In your personal profile you can change your first name, last name and email address. This information is also visible to the members of your organisation. You can also change your language and time zone. trakked is available in German and English. The time zones are used to pause the monitoring notifications at the desired time.

Change password

Your existing password can be replaced by entering a new one.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure in where you provide two different factors to authenticate yourself to the system.

This feature is also available for Contao backend users since Contao 4.6 and was introduced for frontend users in Contao 4.8.
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Enable two-factor authentication

  • Sign in to trakked
  • Click on the profile icon "settings" two-factor authentication
  • Click on "enable"
  • Scan the QR code with your 2FA/TOTP app and enter the confirmation code

A list of well-known 2FA/TOTP apps:

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Do you want to be informed about new Contao versions, security vulnerabilities and product updates from trakked in a timely manner?

For new Contao versions, we summarize the most important two to three bug fixes per release, so you don't have to read the changelog. In case of security vulnerabilities, we also let you know which parts of the application are affected. You can subscribe to the following three channels:

  • Security advisories Information about security vulnerabilities in Contao.
  • Contao Releases (LTS version) Information about the LTS versions of Contao.
  • Contao Releases (Non-LTS version) Information about Contao versions without LTS.

If you want to find out about new features and future plans for trakked, we recommend that you read the product updates for our product.

Our newsletter is available in German and English. The language of the newsletter is matched with the selected user language in your profile settings.

Delete account

If you want to delete your trakked account irrevocably, you must first leave or delete all organisations.

In order to delete an organisation, all installations must be removed first.