In order to be able to record your installations in trakked, you must first set up an organisation. In this chapter you will learn everything about organisations.

Create organisation

If you have not yet created an organisation, you will automatically be directed to the dialogue for creating your first installation when you log in to trakked. You will go through four steps:

  • You will be welcomed and can register for the first newsletter.
  • You learn everything about our pricing model.
  • You enter a name for your organisation, select your country and a budget limit for 10 installations is automatically set. In addition, you decide whether you want to receive e-mails for monitoring activities or a weekly overview. By creating the organisation, you also confirm that our order processing agreement applies if and to the extent that personal data is processed.
  • Now you can take out a subscription with trakked and enter your bank details. For payment you can use Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover card, Diners Club card or PayPal. The debits are made via Paddle.

If you use trakked as a company based in the EU, you can enter your VAT no. to avoid paying tax twice.

After ordering, all functions are immediately available to you. If you are not convinced of the benefits within the test period of 30 days, you can delete the organisation with a few clicks and there will be no costs. If you are satisfied, you simply continue to use your organisation and after 30 days we will debit the amount due from your deposited means of payment.

If you have any questions about the VAT no. and or want to adjust the billing address, please read the next two points.

How can I change or specify my VAT number?

Our invoicing is officially handled by the payment provider Paddle, who is also responsible for the correct handling of taxes. If you have a question about taxes or would like to change or enter your VAT no., please contact Paddle support directly.

How can I change my billing address?

Go to the "Payment Receipts" section under Organisations and click on "Paid" for the most recent invoice. You will be taken to our payment provider, Paddle, where you will find an "Edit business address" link next to your invoice receipt to edit your address.


The basic costs for an organisation are € 24.90 per month plus tax. This includes an unlimited number of persons and the first 10 monitored installations. Each additional monitored installation costs € 2.49 per month plus tax, with pro-rata billing at the end of the month. For more information, see the blog post from our payment provider Paddle.

The estimated monthly costs are displayed in the organisation. To avoid unpleasant surprises, a cost ceiling or budget limit can be set. This limits the number of possible installations in an organisation.

If you did not change the budget limit when placing your order, it is 10 installations or € 24.90 by default.

Delete organisation or subscription

If you no longer need an organisation, you must first delete or move all installations in it (see also Moving Installations). To do this, open the desired installations and click on "Delete installation" and confirm the deletion process.

Deleting an installation can not be undone.

As soon as the organisation no longer contains any installations, you can delete it under Organisations.

Download invoices

If you are missing a trakked invoice receipt in your accounting, you can open it in a new window in the organisation under "Payment Receipts" by clicking on the desired receipt and then print it or save it as a PDF.

Adjust budget

If you did not change the budget limit when ordering, it is set to 10 installations or € 24.90 by default. Assuming you now have 10 installations within an organisation that are either connected to the Contao Manager or monitored by our monitoring, you will be notified that your budget limit has been reached when you try to monitor another installation. Now you have two options: either remove the budget limit completely or increase it by one installation to € 27.39 (10 installations / € 24.90 plus 1 installation / € 2.49). To do this, switch to the desired organisation and click on "Set budget".

Invite user

If you work in a team and want to give your colleague access to the data in trakked, you can invite him or her to your organisation. To do so, click on the three dots next to the desired organisation and select "Invite user". There are two types of access in trakked: Member and Owner. The member can view, edit, add and delete installations in the organisation, but cannot make any adjustments to the organisation. Owner has all rights and could also delete the organisation in the worst case. The setting options are located in the desired organisation.

The invited person receives an email with a corresponding link. If there is no account with trakked yet, a new account must first be created and confirmed. An account can be invited to several organisations.

User Management

The access rights can also be changed and/or revoked afterwards. To do this, open the "User Management" under the desired organisation and click on the pencil symbol behind the desired name.

Data Processing Agreement

When you set up your organisation, you confirmed that our order processing agreement applies if and to the extent that personal data is processed.

You can view or download the order processing agreement at your organisation.

Recommend trakked

Recommend trakked to friends and receive a free installation for every new organisation.

  1. Log in to your trakked account.
  2. Click on the refer-a-friend icon at the top right.
  3. Copy the registration link. You can simply click on the "Copy link" button.
  4. Send the referral link to the desired person ( for example, by e-mail).
  5. Your friend now clicks on the link and creates a new account with trakked.
  6. Once the registration has been successfully confirmed by email, the first organisation can be created.
  7. When creating the new organisation, make sure that your code is entered under "Recommended by".
  8. As soon as your friend has completed the 30-day trial period and is using a paying subscription, you will receive an additional free installation in your organisation.