Ensure the accessibility of your websites and react quickly to failures. With the monitoring technology of UptimeRobot, trakked continuously monitors the accessibility and informs you immediately by email in case of problems.

Set up monitoring

Switch to the "Configuration" tab, in the monitoring accordion you can enter the URL and the search term that are retrieved by our monitoring service in order to monitor the accessibility of your installation. If your website is not accessible, you will be informed by email in the future.

If your website is down and you have not received an email, it may be because not enough time has passed since the interruption. Also, make sure that you have activated the notification for your organisation in your profile under "Settings > Notification".

In rare cases, your host may block the IP addresses of our monitoring service UptimeRobot. If this is the case, you can configure the firewall so that requests from UptimeRobot are no longer blocked by whitelisting the IP addresses of UptimeRobot.

Enable SSL/TLS reminders

In the "Configuration" tab, you can activate the SSL/TLS reminders and receive an email in good time before the SSL/TLS certificate expires.

Since September 2020, SSL/TLS certificates are only valid for a maximum of 1 year. After that, they must be renewed. This process is either automated or you have to start it manually.

How monitoring works

The provider of our monitoring solution sends a request to the stored installation and checks both whether the search term is present and the status code that is returned. If your website returns the status code 200 and the search term is available, our service knows that everything is OK.

If you put your Contao installation into maintenance mode, Contao will correctly return the status code 503. This status code means that the website is not available.

A list of the different statuses at Mozilla.

Monitoring data

As soon as you have set up monitoring in an installation, you will see an additional tab "Monitoring". There you will get an overview of the accessibility in the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

A fast website is an important factor for the user experience and also influences the ranking of your website in popular search engines.

To give you a better overview of the response time of your Contao installations, we show the average response time (TTFB*) of the last 24 hours.

*The Time To First Byte (TTFB) measures how fast a web server responds.

In addition, you can find out until when your SSL/TLS certificate is valid.

Monitoring log

Click on the button "Monitoring log" to get an overview of the last months.

Export monitoring log

Imagine that your website has problems with accessibility and you want to send a list of downtimes to the support of your hoster. This list can be easily created via the monitoring log with just a few clicks.

To do this, open the desired installation in the detailed view and switch to "Monitoring". Here you click on the button "Monitoring log" and then find an "arrow icon" at the top right to start the export of the CSV data.

If the data is not automatically divided into columns, you can use the function "Text in columns" and select the semicolon as the separator.

Further notes

You can change the search term and the URL for monitoring at any time. You can also pause or stop the monitoring. In the list view, the bar in the trakked logo at the top left is responsible for monitoring:

  • Green - The website is accessible.
  • Yellow - Monitoring has been paused.
  • Red - The website is not accessible.

In the notifications chapter, you will learn how to enable notifications and how to pause notifications.


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