The data of each installation is automatically retrieved and processed in the background via the connection to the Contao Manager and is then available to you in different places within trakked.

Filter packages

To do this, you will find a new category "Installed packages" in the sidebar under Search & Filter. Here you click on "lookup ..." and can select the corresponding entries. As usual, you can combine several filters.

List of all packages per installation

In addition to the filters, you can display exactly which packages are installed for each installation.

To do this, open an installation and find the button "Show list". After a click, a list opens with all packages including version conditions and the currently installed version.

In addition, a search is available and with the button "Show dependencies", all dependent packages are displayed. Here is a simple example. Let's assume you install the extension "Isotope eCommerce", which installs the package "Notification Center" as a dependency. However, this package only becomes visible when you activate the "Show dependencies" button.


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