Installations are the centrepiece of trakked. Here you can learn how to create, move and/or delete them.


To add an installation to your organisation, click on the big green plus sign and enter the URL of the installation, including https://.

If you want to have an alternative name for the list, you can change the default from to Example GmbH, for example. In addition, you can provide the new installation with labels for filtering. If you belong to more than one organisation, you must select which organisation the new installation belongs to.


With this function you can quickly add a large number of installations at once. However, you will not be able to assign alternative names and labels when adding. Switch to the "Multiple" tab. You can then add a list of installations by entering one URL per line in the text field provided:

If you have access to more than one organisation, you still have to determine in which organisation the installations have to be added.

Of course, all details can be subsequently changed, deleted or added.

Delete installations

To do this, open the desired installations and click on "Delete installation" and confirm the deletion process.

Deleting an installation can not be undone.

Move installations

If you have several organisations, you can also move installations from one organisation to the other.

You can also move several installations at once. Select the desired installations by clicking on the trakked logo in front of each installation. Afterwards, a button will be displayed in the middle at the bottom, which you click on and select the action "Move to organisation". In the following dialogue, select the organisation to which you want to move the selected installations.

You know it from Contao, in the mode "edit multiple" several checkboxes can be selected or deselected at once. To do this, hold down the Shift key while clicking. In addition, you can select an installation on desktop as well as on mobile by clicking on it for a long time. By moving the mouse or swiping your finger, you can select additional installations.