The installation is connected to trakked via the Contao Manager. Without this connection, it is not possible to display the Contao or PHP version and a list of all installed packages, nor can updates be prepared and carried out.

In order to use the full functionality of trakked, you need a current Contao Manager and your installation must run with Contao version 4 or 5.

Connect Contao Manager

Select the installation and click on the tab "Configuration" or the keyboard shortcut "K". After opening the Contao Manager accordion, you will see the link to the Contao Manager. When you click on "Connect", the Contao Manager opens in a new window and after logging in and successfully passing the system check, you have to allow access for our app.

Once the connection has been successfully established and you are logged in as admin at trakked, you also benefit from Single Sign-On (SSO) and can log in to the Contao Manager passwordless.

If you have renamed the Contao Manager file, you can change the path here. Instead of the default you could enter e.g.

For security reasons, trakked changes the access token in the background at regular intervals. If you provide an old backup of your Contao installation, you have to re-enable access for trakked.

Troubleshooting connection problems

If you have problems establishing the Contao Manager connection, this can have various causes.

Please make sure that your complete certificate chain is valid. You can test this with the SSL Labs tool. Sometimes trakked is blocked by the firewall of some hosters. Please contact the hoster's support and ask for the IP to be unblocked.

If you still have difficulties with the connection, please contact our trakked support.

Disconnect Contao Manager

You can disconnect from the Contao Manager at any time.

Update Contao Manager

trakked ensures that the Contao Manager is kept up-to-date and automatically updated overnight. This way, you always have the latest version and the additional effort of updating is eliminated.

As soon as a new version of the Contao Manager is released, you wait one night and by the next morning, the Contao Manager is up to date again.

General explanation

If you want to know whether your Contao Manager is up to date and whether everything is OK with the connection, you can see it in the installation overview by the upper right bar of the trakked logo:

  • Green - the Contao Manager is connected and up to date.
  • Yellow - the Contao Manager is not up to date or is issuing a warning.
  • Red - the connection to the Contao Manager is interrupted.

In the "Configuration" tab, you will also see when the Contao Manager was last updated and which version is installed.